PacificAds Group shows an upward progression on its markets. This evolution settles the company’s clout in the Pacific area as first car classifieds websites.

PacificAds Group, the leading classifieds network in the Pacific has strengthened its investors’ trust with a dramatic increase of the company’s traffic over its digital platforms. Such a rise enables the company to develop itself always keeping on enhancing the quality of the services provided.

A few months ago, PacificAds Group soft-launched its operations in four Pacific countries (Papua New Guinea, Fiji, East-Timor and Solomon Islands) with low competition in the real estate classifieds websites industry. These four websites are now completely operational and respond to the users’ needs in the fields of real estate. The company accounts for the major part of car and real estate classifieds in the Pacific area thanks to its thirteen websites. In such conditions, the clout in the region never stops increasing. For the first quarter of 2018, PacificAdsGroup shows an upward rise of +43%. This progression solidifies investors and shareholders’ trust in the company enabling it to invest more to provide the best customers experience.


About PacificAds Group –

PacificAds Group is the first car classifieds platform in the Pacific Area, covering 15 million people in 9 different emerging countries. Backed by international investors with two rounds of funding, the company is pushed by a team of 50+ people with operators and agents in each country as well as a full time in its headquarters in Sydney, Australia.

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