PacTow Add Koranga to Its Fleet Team 

vessels in madang port assisted by tugs victory and yomba crews, photo credit by PacTow

TechInPacific – The PNG-based open water towage service company, Pacific Towing (PacTow) has brought a new giant harbour tug named Koranga as part of its re-fleeting program.

According to General Manager Neil Papenfus, the re-fleeting program serves to increase the company’s oil and gas salvage and open ocean towage capacity.

“We have already purchased other tugs under our re-fleeting program to increase our oil and gas, salvage, and open ocean towage capacity, but Koranga will be used solely for harbour towage,” Papenfus said.

With Koranga addition to the harbour towage service, Papenfus sees its potential to increase the service capacity and open doors to the new transport and logistics sector.

Assembled in Singapore, Koranga is expected to arrive in March in Lae, PNG’s second-largest city. One captain and 7 crew members are in charge of the operation as they will embark on 14-day sailing, passing the Java and Flores seas, Torres Strait and to Port Moresby before heading to Lae.

“Like our other tugs, she will be captained by one of our very experienced PNG Masters and have an expert PNG crew, Papenfus added.

Formerly known as Neon, Koranga is built with Azimuth Stern Drive (ASD) type of propulsion system to enable easier maneuver. As one of PacTow’s largest tugs, the length reached 30 meters and can withstand 60 tonnes bollard pull, with 4,436 braking horsepower. These qualities will make Koranga able to assist any type of vessel.

The harbour tug will also grant training opportunities for male and female deck and engine cadets from the company’s two cadetship programs. The training will include deployment in the vessel and assist in towing, berthing, and mooring incoming vessels in a year.


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