PNG Upsets Australia, NZ, US, Japan When Deals with Huawei

TechInPacific – China’s Huawei Technologies Co Ltd has been rejected in the US, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. However, Papua New Guinea moves forward to accept its offer to build network cables amid Western advises to drop Huawei.

PNG’s Minister for State Enterprises and Investment William Duma told media that PNG will honour the agreement signed with Huawei.

China’s largest technology company has done 60% of the work in PNG already when the tender was awarded two years ago.


PNG has found itself at the centre of a big-power jostle for influence, with China offering cheap loans and development projects and Australia stepping up its own aid contributions in the ICT sector.

In the recent APEC in Port Moresby, Australia and the US willing to build a naval base in Manus while New Zealand pores in aid for Health issues.

Naval base via

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