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PNGNRI and DataCo work together on cybersecurity research.

The Papua New Guinea National Study Institute (PNGNRI) wants to work with PNG DataCo on research and education about Cybersecurity.

Dr. Olubenga Ige is in charge of the National Security and International Relations Research Program, which was started by PNG NRI last year to study hacking, a growing problem.

In a meeting with DataCo Information and Communication Technology (ICT) General Manager (Cloud and Data Centre) David Mba and Dr. Immanuel Jigo, a PNG-born cybersecurity expert in the US who is also a consultant to DataCo, the two institutions are looking at signing a Memorandum of Understanding for this collaboration.

Dr. Jigo has been doing security research, which includes looking at malware, ransomware, and how bad people get into different systems, among other IT-related tasks.

“The most important thing in cybersecurity is the human factor,” Dr. Jigo said. “Even if you have the best cybersecurity infrastructure in place, it won’t matter if a person makes a mistake, clicks on the wrong link, or puts their information on the wrong login page.”

He said it is essential to teach the people of PNG the basics and how to spot different security risks to improve cyber hygiene and protect the country’s Cybersecurity.

“There are a lot of differences between what the Government does and what private groups do. There must be a set of important structures to handle everything.”

He said right now, PNG would be an easy target, and collaboration between the Government, private sector, and individuals is needed to create and improve awareness about Cybersecurity within the country.

Dr. Jige said creating some potential curriculums within the country that can help the youth of this country develop their skills could also be another collaboration.

Eugene Ezebilo, the PNGNRI’s Deputy Director for Research, said that the institute had yet to do much regarding cybersecurity. It is essential if you want investors to come to your country, especially if you will make it easier for businesses to do business. He thanked Dr. Jigo and Mr. Mba and invited them to work with PNG NRI, especially on hacking issues.



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