Some of PNG’s Industries to Benefit from Faster Internet Network

TechInPasific – The Coral Sea Cable System project is expected to finish by the end of 2019. The high speed Cable system will open up new opportunities for development of some industries in Papua New Guinea.


The Coral Sea Cable System is 47,000 km long linking Australia’s Sydney to PNG’s Port Moresby and Honiara in the Solomon Islands. This will greatly improve connectivity in PNG to the global and offer better opportunity for the local industry, especially as it’s combined with another cable system—the Kumul Submarine Domestic Fiber Cable Network.

Some fundamental sectors that will get benefit from the cable systems are healthcare, education, and hospitality amongst other sectors.

Speaking about hospitality, Laine Kidner from Connected Pacific said that high speed internet is part of the hotel facility that customers would look up to. It is generally the first thing that customers will complain about if a hotel does not provide high speed internet connectivity.

Kidner added, “Instead of having medical training in classroom, you have got the ability to connect globally with universities and colleges around the world to get access to their education catalogues which is very difficult to do if you don’t have high speed internet.”

In PNG, it’s hard to deliver health care in remote areas without technologies as it’s hard to find good quality medical staff. With technologies like video conferencing, it’s possible to reach these areas. However, it will require high speed internet to do so.

In tourism sector, faster internet is needed in order to better promote the country and to welcome visitors, either for business trips or vacation. If the country expects visitors from the western world, they will have to provide high speed internet as what these people are expecting.

“It is generally one of the first things people do when they get into hotel rooms is connect to the Wi-Fi to upload photos to Facebook or Twitter or Instagram.If you don’t have high speed internet in the hotel facility, it is generally the first thing people complain about,”said Kidner.


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