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Productivity Talk aim to improve Fiji’s workforce.

Attorney-General Siromi Turaga praised the 2023 Breakfast Session Productivity Talk as a timely intervention.

Some of the most important things discussed at the session were how to improve productivity, make the job market more mobile, what policies should be put in place, and how the school system should train people for different industries.

Turaga says that the key to growth in the world economy is efficiency. He also noted that increasing output was one of the most critical things countries like Fiji needed to do to move forward.

He also says that the growth effect of the interdependence of productivity, creativity, and agility can only happen if the foundation is strong.

This is done by better-allocating resources, raising the nation’s output level through a holistic and systematic approach to the productivity movement, and encouraging technological catch-up.

The National Training and Productivity Centre set up the Productivity Talk to help the Fijian workers be more productive.



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