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Reddy Foundation donates $5,000 to Viseisei Sai Health Centre

The Reddy Foundation donated $5000 to the Viseisei Sai Health Centre to help it purchase medical supplies.

Shaneel Padarth, a trustee for the Reddy Foundation, presented the check to Rajat Gyaneshwar, the head of the center’s trust, last Friday in Lautoka.

For organizations like ours, there isn’t much help available, especially in areas like Fiji, said Mr. Ganeshwar. “We are really grateful to the Reddy Foundation for sponsoring us,” he added.

The monies being contributed today will mostly be used for “medical equipment, health medications, and additional services that people need most.”

He claimed that to organize outreach camps, like the most recent one held in Ra, the health center had been collaborating with international medical teams.

As an illustration, in October of last year, a team of 65 to 70 medical professionals from Australia and New Zealand visited Ra Maternity, Ba Market Bure, Keiyasi Hospital, and Viseisei Sai Health Center to offer outreach services to the general people.

“Around these places, 500 persons in total had access to professionals.

“Any donations to the health sector would be tremendously helpful to the people of Fiji because it is a small country with few resources.”

They have been collaborating with the health center for years, according to Mr. Padarth.


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