Seabased plans Tonga’s 10-MW wave energy project

A 10-MW wave power plant is being planned by the company Seabased for the island of Tongatapu in the South Pacific island republic of Tonga. This was announced on Friday.

In February, the firm, the government of the Kingdom of Tonga, and SIDS DOCK, the small island developing states’ (SIDS) sustainable energy and climate resilience organization, inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for this project. Vainga Tone, chair of the SIDS DOCK Executive Council, signed the MoU last week at a meeting in New York.

The initiative’s goal is to deal with the high cost of electricity. The release says that the first 2-MW phase will save Tonga USD 2 million (EUR 1.87 million) in foreign exchange, replace 2 million liters of fuel, and power 2,800 houses.

In the second phase, 8 MW will be added. According to plans, it will provide half of Tonga’s energy needs and cut emissions by 20%.

After signing a power purchase agreement, the business hopes to have phase two up and running in two years. (PPA).

Sea-based wants to build a 40-MW wave power plant in Bermuda. A 2-MW prototype project will be the first step.



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