Six Startups That Shined At the 2018 IDEAS Show

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Innovative DigiTech-Enabled Applications & Services (IDEAS) Show is an annual event meant for startups across the world to pitch their innovation in various fields. The fields comprised of artificial intelligence (AI), e-commerce and augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR). The event that successfully came to an end saw six startup groups taking different home awards. The event which took place on 24th July 2018 was sponsored by the Institute for Information Industry (III) run by the government of Taiwan in partnership with APEC.

A total of 36 startups graced the event. The startups were drawn from different countries such as Papua New Guinea, South Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, Peru, Vietnam, and Taiwan. The lucky six winners of the awards included Taiwan based Olis, Uspace, and Dipp, South Korean based Luxrobo and Toss Lab, and Vietnam based EzQ Company. Wang Mei-Hua, the minister of Vice economies, said that Taiwan amended its law at the start of July 2018 to eliminate fundraising challenges that startup businesses were facing by that time.

Toss Lab startup specializes in giving instant communication space to help in carrying out office communication. Dipp gives a smart space for automatic production of printed advertising materials. EzQ provides retail space to allow fast trading between consumers, logistics service provider, and online shopping operators. Luxrobo operates a platform for teaching languages of IoT programming. Olis integrates a lot of convenient tools to improve efficiency in re-marking and customer management. Uspace integrates smart parking ground locks with IoT gateway systems by the use of smartphone application for sharing public parking grounds.

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