SkyEye Pacific: Providing Geo-Spatial Technology Solutions to Pacific Islanders

TechInPacific – SkyEye Pacific is Pacific-based ICT private company that specializes in providing Geo-Spatial Technologies for Pacific Islanders, specifically in The Solomon Islands, Samoa, Tonga, and Vanuatu. Its services divided into four main categories, including GIS, GPS, ICT, remote sensing, and vehicle tracking.

Being founded in 2013, SkyEye Pacific is fully owned and operated by the Pacific Islanders. At each country, it is managed by a Country Manager and has currently had 24 staffs over the Pacific countries. It’s planning on adding more staffs in the near future as it grows bigger.


Vehicle tracking—Vtrack Pro—specializes in vehicle real-time management to reduce logistics cost while at the same time improve the performance. Remote sensing—UAV Drone—provides high-definition imagery, extracted information, as well as create powerful maps and models. GIS services—provide GIS expertise to help companies’ projects while ICT services help to manage information and flow operations throw ICT solutions.

One of the testimonies on SkyEye Pacific’s website comes from the Head of Sales, Vehicle Tracking service, Losa Maiai-Wallwork, stated: “SkyEye has enabled us to achieve optimum performance. We are able to identify the distance each truck delivery covers as well as the petrol usage. As a consequence, it also increased our product distribution.”

Meanwhile, another testimony from Executive Director, GIS and UAV Drone Services, Adi Tafunai, said: Not only do they care about the work they do for us, but they care about the people we work with. In the region, they put a lot of work into our project in the Solomon Islands. We know exactly how many coconuts trees in Samoa are on the organically certified farms because of the work they do. They just put their whole heart and soul into the things that we do.”

For more information about SkyEye Pacific, visit or drop an email among the following email addresses:

Samoa: [email protected] 
Solomon Islands: [email protected] 
Vanuatu: [email protected] 
Tonga: [email protected] 

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