Sogeri National High School Installs ICT Infrastructure

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In the modern day, society technology is the backbone of many sectors of the economy if not all. There’s no exception when it comes to the educational sector. Students who are exposed to technological instruments stand above those who only wait to get to exposed to the same during their career development. This is why the Sogeri National High School fraternity should be happy with the development that is taking place in their school.

A total of 29 teachers and 600 students will have the privilege of accessing better Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure. PNG and Australia education partnership support the initiative. The school has received many ICT tools that include 40 computers that have software installation, access to wireless network and installation and storage of the server. PNG and Australia will also install a digital library which is commonly referred to as E-Granary. E-Granary is in a position of storing 32 million valuable teaching and learning resources. The school can use the resources from the library for teaching and learning resources across ever subject found in the curriculum.

Maxton Essy, first assistant secretary of National Department of Education together with Janelle Denton, the first secretary of education and leadership from Australian Embassy officially launched the ICT tools at the school on 25th July 2018. Denton showed her excitement to represent the Australian government during the launch. According to her, she was happy to work with the government of PNG in improving education standards across the country. She challenged the school to make good use of the project to reap enough from it. The project is part of the wider partnership between the Australian education sector and Governments of Papua New Guinea. The partnership mainly focuses on learning in the early skills, leadership, and skills.

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