Solar PayGo And Renewable Solutions At PNG

TechInPacific – The solar energy company, Sola PayGo partnered with DFATbpp, Bemobile Limited, and d.light to provide low-cost solar aimed at the remote and rural communities in PNG.

The partnership has sparked a light of hope and change in the way the locals live their lives ever since.

“Before Sola PayGo we were using kerosene lamps and kerosene lamps have smoke which made us sick, Beverlyn, a local from Enga Province said.

“Now that we are using solar we have all the benefits. At night the kids are happy to study and I can make my bilums (woven bags) as well.”

Over 18,000 people have enjoyed the renewable energy solutions as an exchange for the former kerosene, and it has since changed how people pay their energy bills.

credit: dtafbpp

The company also created an Impact Report for July 2020 as a means of bringing solar solutions to the rural parts of PNG that are ‘affordable and reliable’.

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