SPTO Launches Information Portal To Increase Awareness And Collaboration Among Stakeholders

At the SPTO Board meeting held at the Edgewater Resort and Spa in the Cook Islands, the Pacific Tourism Organization (SPTO) successfully launched its Information Portal as part of the New Zealand government-funded “Pacific Digital Tourism Transformation Project” (NZMFAT Phase 2).

The Portal ensures everyone knows about the SPTO’s activities and plans, which align with the SPTO Strategic Plan for 2020–2024. It will also improve communication with key stakeholders, make it easier to manage digital systems, and make it easier for people to work together. All these things will help make the digital transformation in the Pacific Islands more resilient and sustainable.

When SPTO CEO Chris Cocker launched the Portal, he said it was essential to improve digital skills and manage digital systems under NZMFAT Phase 2.

With the transition to digital transformation, there have been a lot of requests from SPTO departments to assist their units and build a new interactive website. And because SPTO is aware of current trends and its members’ needs, it has focused on sustainability and digitalization as the future of tourism in the Pacific. Mr Cocker said, “We are very thankful for our partnership with the New Zealand government, which has helped SPTO become a leader in the Pacific tourism recovery program. 


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