Tapioca Delight As First Ecommerce in PNG – A local SME from Papua New Guinea, Tapioca Delight, has become one of the country’s kickstarter to the e-commerce scene in the industry.

Tapioca has added an online payment feature on its website, expanding its business to both the offline and online audiences. With payment options through Visa and Mastercard, such as BSP Visa Debit Card and the likes, purchasing is accessible at any time of the day, allowing customers to shop at ease.


According to Sialis, Internet Payment Gateway (IPG) has simplified the way payments are made for the overseas transaction, and how the former system, such as Telegraphic Transfers and Western Union, used to hinder instead of complementing the process. 

“It’s revolutionary,” says Ginia Sialis, the owner, and director of Tapioca Delight. “With the online payment, we’ll be able to capture a lot of business from overseas clients with the IPG. We’ve missed a lot of international orders because of the difficulty in receiving payments.” 


Paving the path to e-commerce has certainly made the company’s brand reachable to global audiences. Starting from average 2-5 orders per week, now it has a weekly 20 plus orders with clients ranging from the corporate to the individuals residing in Port Moresby where it’s based on. 

Ginia also praises BSP for the support given through all the steps. The service BSP offers has fulfilled what a growing company needs, and that is an automated payment system that handles the process efficiently. 

“BSP is a part of our life story. Our growth as a business supports our local economy and helps employ and train women from our community.” 

Source: thepngbusiness

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