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Telstra Progresses to Enhance Rural PNG Services

 8On September 5, Vicki Brady, the Chief Executive Officer of the Telstra Group, announced that the company is making significant strides to enhance services for rural residents by March of the upcoming year. This announcement was made during her meeting with Prime Minister James Marape.

Brady highlighted the successful merger of Digicel PNG Limited into Telstra’s framework and mentioned the construction of 115 towers across the country. She also discussed the triumphant deployment of Telstra’s 4G services, forecasting a coverage boost from the current 20% to an impressive 72% in the forthcoming 18 months.

Emphasizing the economic and societal benefits, Brady expressed Telstra’s ambition to offer connectivity to rural and regional areas. The meeting also had the presence of Roary Stacko, Telstra International’s CEO, and Senior Vice-President Lorna Macpherson.

Prime Minister Marape lauded Telstra’s dedication to the telecommunication sector in PNG, indicating the company’s trust in the PNG telecom market. He acknowledged the notable surge in online trade, government operations, and social interactions in PNG since Telstra’s market entry in 2007. Additionally, Marape appreciated Digicel’s pivotal role in the country since 2007, noting that PNG is Telstra’s largest Pacific market.

Furthermore, Marape acknowledged Telstra’s support for the National Rugby League (NRL) in Australia and expressed hopes for Telstra’s backing in PNG’s endeavor to introduce an 18th team to the league.



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