Tonga Communications Corporation and Kacific strengthen Tonga’s communications infrastructure

The Kingdom of Tonga, a nation that is frequently struck by natural disasters, now possesses a communications network that is both more extensive and more robust

Tonga Communications Corporation (TCC) and Kacific have entered into an agreement whereby the former will provide a satellite-based mobile backhaul solution to improve connectivity in underserved areas, and the latter will provide an enterprise-level backup service to assist in reducing the impact of any future outages. Outages by providing an enterprise-level backup service.

TCC is the sole company in Tonga that offers fixed-line telephone services. They are also the primary provider of broadband internet and mobile phone services and have the broadest cellular network coverage in Tonga. TCC also has branches on the surrounding islands.

A mobile backhaul solution has been in place since June 2022 to make the two Niuas islands more reliable.

As the Tonga Domestic Cable Extension undergoes major repairs, two additional satellite terminal sites, one in Vavau and one in Ha’apai, have been commissioned to provide connectivity. It was damaged in the January 2022 volcanic eruption of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai.

In addition to these four sites on outer islands, Tonga has recently installed a 4.5-meter terminal that can allow for higher bandwidth use.

If there is a disruption to the fibre optic connection, this will guarantee that vital applications in the capital continue to have access to high-speed connectivity.

We are committed to meeting Tonga’s connectivity requirements by providing satellite services so that the country may maintain its robustness.

According to Christian Patouraux, CEO of Kacific, “We have a good cooperation with Tonga Communications Corporation, having worked together to provide emergency capacity in January 2022 following the fibre outage.”

Together with TCC, we are excited to be a part of the digital future of Tonga, which will be supported by increased connection options and better infrastructure resilience.

TCC will be able to quickly provide Internet services to the people of Tonga thanks to Kacific’s satellite connectivity and responsiveness, which will come in handy when people must have access to crucial connectivity.

Kacific knows what’s happening in the Pacific and how to meet our specific needs. We’re excited to keep working with Kacific to make the Kingdom of Tonga more resilient,” said Sione Veikoso, CEO of TCC.

According to the 2021 World Risk Report, Tonga has the third-highest risk of natural disasters anywhere in the world, behind only Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands. Compared to the other continents, Oceania has the highest risk of natural disasters, primarily because it is more susceptible to extreme weather conditions.



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