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Tourism Fiji Pioneers Sustainability with Inaugural EV Fleet for Eco-Friendly Travel”

In collaboration with EVDIRECT, Fiji Care, and Solar Hub Fiji, the recently introduced fleet is entirely electric, producing no emissions. It utilizes solar and portable chargers, allowing Tourism Fiji to lessen its dependence on fossil fuels.

Deputy Prime Minister and Tourism & Civil Aviation Minister Viliame Gavoka presented the fleet.

Mr Govoka remarked, “With this move, Tourism Fiji is championing sustainable practices and amplifying public consciousness about eco-friendly transportation.”

Brent Hill, CEO of Tourism Fiji, commented, “This aligns with our dedication to our sustainability journey.”

“We’ve taken a sustainable path, leveraging sponsorships and collaborations to achieve enduring cost reductions and minimize our environmental footprint.

With the integration of EVs, the organization is motivating the tourism sector to embrace analogous practices and strive for a greener tomorrow.

Making eco moves

From September 2022 onwards, Tourism Fiji has marked multiple sustainability achievements under the guidance of young climate activist and Sustainability Officer Sunishma Singh.

They launched a two-year sustainability blueprint during the previous year’s Fijian Tourism Expo. This strategy encompasses the central office’s no-plastic stance, underscoring their dedication to curbing plastic pollution and endorsing eco-consciousness.

Furthermore, activities like mangrove planting on World Earth Day highlight the organization’s active participation in worldwide ecological initiatives.

For details on certified and approved partners, please head to Fiji. travel



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