Travel to Australia without Visa Soon

TechInPacific – Vanuatu’s Prime Minister, Ishmael Kalsakau, met with Australian PM Anthony Albanese to discuss how to make visa-free travel between their two countries a reality sooner. 

Kalsakau assured the public that the process would be taken step by step, as Vanuatu must show Australia that they are being sincere in their partnership. 

Many Ni-Vanuatu citizens have expressed frustration towards the need for visas when visiting Australia, given Vanuatu’s visa-waiver agreements with other countries. 

Kalsakau then made a major announcement that the visa processing can now take place in Vanuatu, instead of doing it in Fiji, making the process much more convenient for Ni-Vanuatu citizens.

This historical meeting marks a positive step towards a visa-free relationship between the two countries, and signals following efforts to be made. Nevertheless, the change in visa processing calls for a significant development toward this initiative.

Source: Daily Post Vanuatu

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