Winners of Start-up Challenge Revealed

credit: Emstret Space

TechInPacific – Winners from Start-up Challenge hosted by Emstret Space in partnership with Niunet have rolled out two weeks ago, and this only means more exciting development to the startup growth in PNG.

From start, Emstret Space has keyed in on inclusivity and growth-friendly environment for business to excel. With this framework in mind, Start-up Challenge was born to manifest on those objectives.

From 300 enthusiastic businesses taking on the challenge, participants were narrowed down to 25, while the remaining 13 got to give their strongest performance through the finals. However, all participants were given one-month virtual program prior to the challenge.

Three winners emerged from the competition, with the first being Loretta Bele, an experienced consultant and Chief Executive Officer of Lean Consulting Ltd. Her victorious pitching was followed shortly by two runner-ups, founder of Avator Training Ltd, Darius Wala, and Moses Salapwi from Northern Sustainable Agriculture Services.

Bele, who was interviewed by Loop PNG shortly after her win, shared that coming out as winner from the PNG and Australia-backed partnership (Steamships Group and Emstret Holdings Ltd) has ‘pushed her to do more than what she is capable of doing’. She admitted that her jump from the freelance industry into a business owner is surreal, but Bele is ready to assist and support PNG professionals to register on her consulting firm and through her pitched app. The professionals will be notified when Bele has secured a contract or project.

Judging panels were representatives of the PNG and Australia groups, the Exxon-Mobil PNG, and the CPL Group Chairman Mahesh Patel, whom all had given positive remarks about the participants’ performance and potential. According to Patel, participants have demonstrated many great ideas in the challenge, and he’s more than willing to support them in their journey.

Business challenges may persist, changing shapes and stakes as they appear in different time and context, which is why initiatives like Emstret Space and Niunet may as well alleviate them one step at a time. For now, an appreciation and long-term support toward the participating and winning businesses are always welcomed.  








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