Startup Opportunity at the Google Demo Day Asia

Google Demo Day Asia

Asia is seeking to find one of their next great tech champions through their entrepreneurial startup business. This is possible through the Google Demo Day Asia, which is happening for the first time. This competition focuses on the founders of the most virtuoso startup who will convene and give their ideas to the region’s top as well as other global investors onstage in Shanghai on September 20. The CEO, Sundar Pichai announced the Google Demo Day Asia early in the year because there are many startups within the region, which require a global stage such as the Demo Day Asia to improve their experience and success. There are various guidelines and regulations for participants within Pacific Asia and the deadline for application is July 1 at 11:59 pm SGT.

For the selected startups, the participants will be given mentorship from Google so that they can deliver an excellent pitch during their presentations. The participants will also have the chance to represent their respective countries in the all-expenses-paid immersion program in China where they will gain insights regarding the environment of the startup environment from other founders’ success stories. Additionally, the participants will meet various top capital investors as they discover what they look for in a startup. If a participant’s pitch is impressive, there is a chance of receiving funding for the startup. A good instance is that since 2014, businesses, which have had the opportunity to pitch their startups on this international stage, have raised $273 million and the organizer’s hope to increase some of these opportunities. Therefore, this opportunity is open for the founders who believe their startups have what it takes to participate in this great tech champion.

For further information, potential participants can visit the event’s official website for reviews, success stories, as well as eligibility for the program.

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