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Streamplay’s mGames Makes Debut in Papua New Guinea, Sets Sights on Pacific Expansion

Streamplay Studio is setting its sights on transforming casual gaming in the Pacific by introducing mgames, a brand-specific iteration of their proprietary technology, ArcadeX, with a debut in Papua New Guinea.

With an impressive lineup of over 200 quality games from various genres, such as action, sports, strategy, and racing, games are slated for launch. The collection, which will be continuously updated, also includes games that highlight fan-favorite characters from globally recognized franchises and entertainment properties.

Subscribers will be privileged to delve into this remarkable assortment of games, augmented by social and gamification aspects. Additionally, tournament participants can accumulate in-platform credits, increasing their odds of securing additional rewards through thrilling raffles and giveaways.

The introduction of mgames, made possible through a strategic alliance with Bemobile, a Telikom division and a prominent telecommunications entity in the region, involves a revenue-sharing model in which proceeds are split evenly. This subscription arrangement initiates immediate monetization, creating an additional income channel for Streamplay.

Offering a low data consumption yet feature-laden gaming experience, games charge a mere PGK0.49 (AU$0.20) per day. Additionally, it interfaces directly with GBilling, Streamplay Studio’s (ASX: SP8) Pacific’s proven proprietary telecommunications billing system, to optimize billing efficiency and foster customer interaction.

Paving the way for Pacific expansion

The debut of mGames capitalizes on Streamplay’s achievement of securing over 1.6 million MTN Arena subscribers in South Africa. This successful engagement is a stepping stone towards swift penetration into other Pacific markets, such as American Samoa, Tonga, Solomon Islands, and Fiji, where collaborative deals have already been established.

SP8 Chairperson, Bert Mondello, remarked, “This significant event signifies the commencement of a sequence of network iterations that Streamplay plans to roll out both globally and within the Pacific markets.

The triumphant deployment of this product affirms the extraordinary commitment and creativity embodied by the Research and Development team at Streamplay.

“We are well-positioned for growth and scalability across the Pacific thanks to the establishment of this platform. Adding the games platform amplifies our revenue line and reemphasizes our dedication to delivering groundbreaking gaming experiences, maintaining our status as a leader in the industry,” Bert Mondello, the chairman, further commented.

Mobile gaming market to hit US$9.88m this year

The Pacific Islands gaming industry shows huge potential, with forecasts projecting a rise to 7.3 million unique mobile subscribers by 2030. This implies 1 million unique mobile phones in less than seven years.

The mobile gaming market in Papua New Guinea is anticipated to ascend to a staggering US$9.88 million by 2023, accompanied by a high average revenue per user (ARPU) of US$13.48.

Moreover, by 2030, smartphone prevalence is anticipated to encompass approximately 90% of the total market in the Pacific Islands. This projection aligns with the overall mobile growth trend in the region. Meanwhile, Fiji’s mobile gaming market is expected to hit US$3.51 million by 2023, along with ARPUs of US$29.31.

Chairman Bert Mondello pointed out that these two regions are poised to generate a mobile gaming market valued at US$13.39 million.

Furthermore, the aggregate mobile gaming market in the Pacific Islands region is projected to exhibit an annual growth rate of roughly 10% between 2023 and 2027.



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