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The tech stack of GOVPNG unveiled

The Department of Information and Communication Science has unveiled the 2023 GOVPNG Technology Stack, a significant milestone in PNG’s digital transformation journey.

The stack is set to redefine PNG’s digital landscape with an efficient, cost-effective, and scalable system. It underpins PNG’s ambitious goal of accelerating its digitization efforts measurably.

Secretary Steven Matainaho of the Department of Information, Communication, and Technology (DICT), emphasized the pivotal role of adopting a technology stack approach in PNG’s digitization journey. “A stacking approach fosters interoperable, generic, and reusable components to digitize any service,” Matainaho elaborated.

He further clarified that implementing the GOVPNG Technology Stack eliminates redundant investments, enabling significant cost savings. Furthermore, its design facilitates the swift expansion of services while enhancing operational efficiency.

“Among the many advantages are the minimized duplication of investments, the ability to rapidly scale, and increased efficiency,” Matainaho said.

He pointed out that leading Digital Government nations, such as Estonia, Singapore, India, and South Korea, have already adopted their respective Technology Stacks.

An initial diagram of the GOVPNG Technology Stack, highlighting different layers and vendor logos involved in discussions or negotiations, has been presented by the DICT for stakeholder understanding.

Matainaho stressed the importance of cybersecurity across all layers of the stack. As part of its commitment to this critical issue, the Department is finalizing a comprehensive Data Governance and Protection Policy.

“Our Data Governance and Protection Policy, currently under consultation, aims to address cybersecurity issues. We anticipate finalizing it this quarter,” he said.

The Department intends to initiate the tendering process for different technology stack components in the forthcoming weeks, Matainaho revealed. This move reaffirms the Department’s commitment to data protection and privacy in this digital era.



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