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Enhanced Communication Enables Better Access to Health Services in PNG

A cutting-edge crosspatch radio communication system has been implemented to enhance the accessibility of medical health services for the residents of Eastern Highlands Province.

MAF Technologies completed the initial phase of this communication tool and included both High Frequency andVery High-Frequency Radio capabilities.

By crosspatching these two distinct radio frequencies, communication will be more convenient, particularly for remote communities.

The system will enable hospital doctors to gather data while providing round-the-clock assistance to patients.

Joseph Apa, the CEO of Eastern Highlands Provincial Health Authority, emphasized that this new system is a critical communication tool that will significantly benefit, particularly those in remote communities.

“It will facilitate patients in readily accessing medical services and obtaining medical assistance seven days a week, thereby reducing travel and medical expenses,” he added.

Bryan Matthews, the General Manager of MAF Technologies, expressed that collaborating with the Public Health Service and offering a dependable technological solution is a progressive approach to guaranteeing the delivery of essential health services to remote communities.

“We aspire for the Eastern Highlands hospital crosspatch system to serve as a blueprint for other Provincial Health Services throughout the country,” Matthews stated.

He further highlighted that the system represents an effective communication solution connecting isolated communities and providing a crucial link to support and facilitate convenient access to medical services.



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