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Palau Blockchain Summit: Uniting Visionaries in Emerging Hub”

30 Web3 experts, including Vitalik Buterin, are set to convene in Palau for the Palau Blockchain Summit. Organized by the Palau Blockchain Society, Palau Ocean Foundation, Metropolis Global, and Cura, with backing from Ripple and Mask Network, this summit aims to bridge the Palauan community with global Web3 visionaries. It will highlight Palau’s strides in digital innovation and enlighten its residents about the possibilities of blockchain technologies.

Leading experts and visionaries will gather at the summit to delve into the future of Web3 and its role in Palau’s sustainable growth and governance. The central aim is to help blockchain leaders understand Palau, a picturesque island haven, and its current challenges and collaboratively draft potential solutions and propositions for the nation, linking the community with vital resources and positioning Palau as the upcoming Web3 centre in the Asia Pacific. The event will blend traditional conference sessions with un-conference formats, drawing participation from numerous local Palauan enthusiasts.

President Whipps Jr. and Finance Minister Kaleb Udui are slated to speak at the summit. State governors and delegates will be in attendance, and the summit will be aired on local TV and radio. Additionally, a Youtube live stream will make it accessible to global Palauans.

Alan Seid Jr., Co-founder of the Palau Blockchain Society, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We eagerly await the upcoming summit and cherish this chance for our Palauan community to engage in discussions about blockchain. It’s an honor to have top-tier experts, including Ethereum’s founder, Vitalik Buterin, with us.”

The summit will feature workshops and educational sessions aimed at Palauan students and the broader community, allowing them to gain knowledge about blockchain from the experts in attendance. Furthermore, the event will utilize blockchain in finance, governance, healthcare, real estate, and carbon credits. The goal is to discern how these technologies can revolutionize and provide fresh avenues in Palau’s burgeoning digital economy.

Palauans are invited to sign up for the summit at no cost via Those who register will also be gifted a Palau Pass NFT.

For more information:

Andy Lai

Palau Blockchain Summit

Phone: +886 916 511 990

Contact via email.



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