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New Laundromat for Busy Workers Launches

The laundromat will make it easy for people to clean and dry their clothes on their busier days

Photo by Darya Sannikova:

TechInPacific – The Rarotonga Laundromat has been up and running since Thursday and can be seen from across Punanga Nui Market.

Under the slogan ‘You do it or we do it’, the shop offers two services to customers: They can do their own laundry or have it washed by the shop’s staff.

With self-service, customers need one token point for washing and another for drying for each load. The cost of a token point is $8, bringing the total cost to $16. You can also use the detergent for free, which the shop says is made with biodegradable enzymes.

Customers who do not have time to do laundry themselves can have clothes weighing five kilograms washed and dried by the staff for $25.

A laundry bag that holds up to ten kilograms is also offered, and staff can do the cleaning for $45, saving customers $5 if their clothes weigh more than five kilograms.

The owner, Brett Porter, has his representative Sandi Brown with him to tell more about how it all began.

Brown says the idea for the business came about last year in September or October. The target audience is people who are caught up in their jobs and do not have time to wash their own clothes.

“People have been waiting for something like this,” she says.

The shop, which opens at 8 a.m. and closes at 6 p.m., can also pick up and drop off customers’ clothes.

“It gives them the opportunity to use our services, and with the hours we are open, they can either do their own laundry or we’ll do it for them. They can do it before or after work.”

The shop currently offers a free service to wash, dry and fold laundry with the help of staff for a total of seven people during its opening week.

Book the service here or call them at 74979.


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