Agreement Allows DICT to Utilize DataCo Infrastructure

The Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT) in Papua New Guinea (PNG) has recently reached a significant milestone by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with PNG DataCo. This strategic collaboration aims to extend the benefits of technology across all 22 provinces of PNG.

Timothy Masiu, the Minister for ICT, and William Duma, the Minister for State Enterprise, are collaborating under this MoU to ensure that DICT and PNG DataCo operate within their mandates and work towards realizing a digital government in the country.

Minister Masiu highlighted the historic significance of this agreement, viewing it as the start of an exciting journey toward enhancing PNG’s digital landscape. He underscored that the MoU embodies a mutual vision shared between DICT and PNG DataCo, acknowledging their crucial roles in guiding PNG towards a technologically advanced future.

Minister Duma expressed that the partnership brings numerous advantages, including access to modern, state-of-the-art infrastructure, reduced costs, and expedited implementation of DICT’s transformation programs. He emphasized the importance of utilizing DataCo’s existing infrastructure to build and manage the Government Digital Network and systems, thus avoiding the duplication of modern infrastructure.

Duma also expressed pride in this government-level collaboration, aimed at achieving ICT sector policy objectives and enhancing the overall effectiveness of government operations.

The alliance between DICT and PNG DataCo is designed to foster a robust environment for digital government services, protect the nation’s digital framework against new threats, and leverage the potential of cloud technologies.



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