The Blockchain Pasifik 2018: Event Schedules and Sponsorships

TechInPacific – The Blockchain Pasifik 2018 will take place at the International Convention Center, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea on October 11-12th, 2018. The two days event will have keynote speakers to deliver their speech on each agenda. In addition, it brings together worldwide experts, Blockchain Technology developers, and other participants to the event to discuss and learn about blockchain technology and its use.



  • (8.30) – Governor NCD’s Welcome Address, delivered by Powes Parkop, MP Governor of National Capital District
  • (8.50) – PNG Government Address, delivered by Hon. Charles Abel, MP of Treasury Minister
  • (9.20) – The Need for Digital Inclusion, delivered by Amb. Ivan Pomaleu
  • (9.45) – The Australian Effort in Blockchain, delivered by Dr. Chakriya Bowman Counsellor of Australian High Commission
  • (10.10) – Media Session for Representatives of States and APEC (No keynote speaker’s required)
  • (10.10) – Moderator’s Session: Housekeeping and Attendees’ Expectations (No keynote speaker’s required)
  • (10.30) – Blockchain 101, delivered by Ira Warner from Clique Marketing
  • (10.55) – Keynote: Blockchain to Drive New Business & Governance Model, delivered by Dr. Peter Lovelock, Director of TRPC
  • (11.20) – Institutional Cryptoeconomics, delivered by Dr. Darcy Allen, the Blockchain Innovation Hub of RMIT
  • (13.20) – Need for Smart Lawyers, delivered byAaron Lane, Blockchain Innovation Hub of RMIT
  • (13.40) – Climate Change & Blockchain– Fiji Example, delivered by Kenneth Katafono of Traseable
  • (14.20) – Need for Technology Incubation, delivered by Mr. Axel Peyriere of Startup Angels; Ian Hetri; Ms. Vani Nades of Blockchain Junior Project
  • (15.15) – A Decentralized Energy Market Base,2 delivered by Jonathan Ewing of Power Badger
  • (15.40) – Supply Chain & Blockchain: Fiji Example, delivered by Kenneth Katafono of Traseable
  • (16.15) – PANEL: The Pacific Story, delivered by Ira Warner of PNG; Sandra Hart of Vanuatu; Kenneth Katafono of FIJI; Sharon Inone of SOL, and Cullingan as the moderator


  • (8.30) – Blockchain & Social Impact, delivered by Rosa Thompson of Consensys
  • (8.55) – Digital Identity, delivered by Roy Hui of Pellar
  • (9.20) – PANEL: Identity & Customary Land Registration Using Blockchain, delivered by Hon. Gary Juffa, the MP and Governor of Oro Province; Chee Anne Reno, Roy Hui, and ADR: Serah Sipani
  • (10.20) – Blockchain in Agriculture, delivered by David Davis of AgUnity
  • (11.00) – Eliminating Corruption with Blockchain, delivered by Arianne Kassman, the Director of Transparency International PNG
  • (11.30) – Keynote Speaker: Smart Cities, delivered by Chee Anne Rono, Promoting Smart Systems of ADB
  • (13.20) – Crypto-currencies 101, delivered by Nou Vada/Rex Paura of Blockchain Pasifik
  • (13.4)0 – PANEL: Regulatory Challenges & Sandbox, delivered by Douveri Henao, the Executive Director of PNG Business Council; Kenneth Katafono, the Founder of Treasable, Fiji; Emmanuel Bobola, the First Secretary of Office of the Governor NCD; Tony Morisause, the GM Engineering of DataCo; and C. Tanda as the moderator
  • (14.30) – The Coin-Sure Story, delivered by Nou Vada, the Co-Founder of Coin Sure Ltd
  • (15.20) – Blockchain for Humanitarian Response — Vanuatu’s Example, delivered by Sandra Hard of Oxfam
  • (15.40) – KEYNOTE SPEECH: Blockchain And its Relevance to Emerging Economies, delivered by Christopher Burg
  • (16.30) – Road Map: PNG and the Pacific, delivered by the Governor Powes Parkop

The Sponsorships of the Event: AgUnity, National Capital District Commission (NCDC), Consensys, Papua New Guinea Government, APEC 2018 Papua New Guinea, Australian Government, Coin-Sure PASIFICCONNECT, NASFUND, Telikom PNG Limited, RMIT University, PNG dataCo, APEC, ABAC, PNG Power, and U8PR.


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