Cybersecurity Challenges Plague PNG and Pacific Island Nations

PAPUA New Guinea, along with other Pacific Island nations, face significant tasks in addressing the issues of cyber security and environmental threats, according to a statement made by a minister. Timothy Masiu, the Minister of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), conveyed during a Pacific ICT ministers’ dialogue held in Port Moresby that these nations must adopt appropriate ICT policies to ensure their countries’ safety against the array of challenges and threats.

Acknowledging the existing gaps, he conceded that Papua New Guinea must undertake substantial efforts to enhance cybersecurity within its borders.

“We are contending with numerous concerns, including those related to social media,” he stated.

Masiu emphasized that advancements and modifications are being pursued within the ICT sector to fortify the nation against cyber threats.

He elaborated on the Information and Communications Technology Ministry’s ongoing formulation of policies to confront these challenges, with plans to present them to the Cabinet.

Certainly, it’s imperative that we not only implement appropriate equipment but also establish effective policies to safeguard our nation from cyber threats and other pressing challenges,” he emphasized.

In addition, he highlighted that the endorsement of the Lagatoi Declaration serves to reaffirm the steadfast dedication to fostering a closely connected Pacific region via digital infrastructure and services.

The declaration emphasizes six key domains: digital transformation, digital innovation and entrepreneurship, digital infrastructure, digital security and trust, digital capacity building and skills development, and regional cooperation and representation.



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