DICT lauch Digital ID Block

The Department of Information and Communication Technology is now trying to get the country to use the Digital ID Block.

At a May 10, 2023 meeting, DICT discussed plans to build a centralized data center where all Papua New Guineans’ personal data will be kept.

In a closed meeting, people from the private and public sectors talked about a project meant to be a key part of the government’s technology infrastructure.

Secretary for DICT Steven Matainaho said that the basic building blocks must be in place before a wide range of digital services for the public can be rolled out.

“The goal of implementing a Digital ID Block is to make it easier for people to use digital services, make data more secure, cut down on fraud, and improve the user experience as a whole,” said Matainaho.

He also said that the Digital ID supports interoperability by making it easier for different government and private sector services to work together.

Matainaho made it clear that the National Identification Database is the main data source for the Digital ID Block and that the Digital Government Act 2022 gives DICT the job of setting up ID Verification Services and a safe platform for exchanging data.

Leading organizations like the Bank of South Pacific (BSP), Digicel PNG, and others have said they are ready to work with DICT on the plan to build digital identity services and use the power of cloud technology.

We asked everyone with a data set to join, which will help with the Digital ID block.”This all-inclusive approach ensures that all relevant stakeholders participate and work together.” He added.

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) will hold several talks with public and private stakeholders to get their ideas and start moving forward.



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