Hon. Powes Parkop: “We Cannot Deny Technology, Thus, We Should Embrace It”

TechInPacific – The Governor of National Capital District, Hon. Powes Parkop delivered a welcome speech for the Blockchain Pasifik 2018 at International Convention Centre in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

As the governor of the city, Mr. Parkop supports the event as he expects it to bring benefits to the citizens and drive future positive development.

Powes Parkop via

The governor has been aware that it Blockchain Technologies and other emerging technologies are potential to help in the governance and development sectors, as well as empower governmental leaders to embrace the digital future.

“…We cannot deny it (technology), neither can we run from it, thus, the smart choice is to embrace it.”

“Technology has intensified at a rapid rate over the past 20 years and will continue to do so, like a snowball picking up momentum and mass as it goes – we cannot deny it, neither can we run from it, thus, the smart choice is to embrace it.” Said the governor about the potential and the importance of technology.

Moreover, he also conveyed his support on the event being held in Port Moresby: “Port Moresby is well placed in the region and country, and capable of playing host to robust technological endeavors, and we are poised and ready to facilitate these innovations going forward. The first steps have been taken by young ambitious Papua New Guineans to lead this agenda, and for this reason, I am very proud to pledge my support to such home-grown pioneering initiatives.”

Port Moresby via

To conclude his welcome speech, Mr. Parkop hoped that the attendants not only enjoyed their visit in the event and the city but also could take positive energy and spread the enthusiasm of the tech revolution in Port Moresby.

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