Starlink Brings High-Speed Internet to Remote Corners of Fiji’s Islands

The Government has granted a license to Starlink, a prominent provider of low Earth orbiting satellite systems worldwide, with the aim of enhancing internet connectivity and communication services in rural and maritime communities across the country. Starlink, renowned for its leadership in satellite internet technology, is set to make a significant impact on Fiji’s telecommunications market. According to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Communications Manoa Kamikamica, the license has already been issued, and Starlink is scheduled to launch its services in the coming months.

“He also mentions that this initiative supports the government’s endeavors to connect remote populations in coastal communities without incurring significant expenses.

“We may need to construct towers in certain communities, while in others, satellite technology will be necessary, and Starlink provides a quicker transmission,” he explained.

Kamikamica emphasizes that the approach involves carefully assessing the most suitable solutions for each location.”



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