Youth Co:Lab to Take Place in Fiji on 29 – 31 January 2019

TechInPacific – The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the University of South Pacific announces an event, Youth Co:Lab, that will take place at USP Laucala Campus ICT building from 29 – 31 January 2019. The main theme of the event is The Hunt for SDG-based Inclusive Innovative Solutions. Meanwhile, it will feature three main activities, including:

  • National Dialog that will bring together youth participants and stakeholders from the government, NGOs, private sectors, development partners, and academia to discuss and share their knowledge and experience about how to identify national challenges, priorities, and solutions for the innovation ecosystem of Fiji.
  • Youth Empowerment and Innovation Challengethat includes workshops and entrepreneurship trainings, leading to a contest to find the best SDG-based startups
  • The opening of UNDP-USP SDG Innovation Hub & Co-working Space and the presentation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development agendathat is a joint program of three entities; UNDP, USP, and ILO

Youth participants with a range of range 18 – 30 years old can take part either as a mentor or a participant. For youth participants, please submit your application here. Meanwhile, to become a mentor of the program, you will have to share your knowledge, experience, and advice to a youth participant during the second day of Youth Co:Lab event. Additionally, you will be able to participate in other sessions as well.

The three-day event agenda will include 21 sessions with 7 sessions each day, starting from 9.00 am – 5.30pm. Here is the detail information of all sessions:

Day 1: National Dialog on Promoting & Sustaining Youth Entrepreneurship through Innovation and an Enabling Ecosystem

  • Session 1: Official Opening, carried on by the Master of Ceremony (MC) from the University of South Pacific
  • Session 2: Introductions – Coffee Break – Group Photo, facilitated by Youth Empowerment Challenge
  • Session 3: Are We Creating Entrepreneurial Thinking & Societies to Support Innovation?, facilitated by the United Nations of Development Programme
  • Session 4: Are Entrepreneurship Programs & Schemes Supporting Innovation & Sustainability?, facilitated by the University of South Pacific
  • Session 5: Is The Current Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Supporting Innovation & Youth Start-Up?, facilitated by ILO
  • Session 6: Summary of Lessons & Best Practices/Way Forward, facilitated by the United Nations of Development Programme
  • Session 7: Official Closing of Day 1

Day 2: Capacity Building for Young Entrepreneurs and Preparation for Pitching

  • Session 1: Day 1 Recap & Introduction of the Program, facilitated by UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub (BRH)
  • Session 2: Introduction on SDGs and the Role of Youth, facilitated by TBD
  • Session 3: Main Challenges for Fiji, facilitated by UNDP and USP
  • Session 4: Discussion: Strategizing Your Enterprises, facilitated by BRH
  • Session 5: Workshop: Pitching 101, facilitate by BRH
  • Session 6: Mentoring: Preparing for Pitching, facilitated by TBD
  • Session 7: Mock Pitches, facilitated by BRH
  • Session 7: Wrap Up and Day 3 Showcase Brief

Day 3: Innovation Challenge and Strategy for the Future

  • Session 1: Introduction of the Challenge and Jury Members, facilitated by BRH
  • Session 2: Pitches by Youth Contestants, facilitated by BRH
  • Session 3: Award Ceremony, facilitated by UNDP, USP, ILO, WEBC, DFAT, and MoY
  • Session 4: Signing of MoU, facilitated by UNDP and USP
  • Session 5: Presentation of Plans and Calendar of Events, facilitated by UNDP and ILO
  • Session 6: Opening and Guided Tour of the Co-Working Space, facilitated by UNDP and USP
  • Session 7: Wrap Up and Closing High Tea

The opening of SDG Innovation Hub & Co-Working Space will take place at 3.15pm – 4.00p, on Day 3 of Youth Co:Lab event. The event is supported by experts from the innovation sphere. Participants from local entrepreneurs, freelancers, independent professionals, remote workers, youth and student startups, and international entrepreneurs who are visiting Fiji.

SDG via

The SDG Innovation Hub & Co-Working Space event will focus on youth, women, people with disabilities, and USP alumni. It aims at supporting entrepreneurship and innovations in Fiji; accelerating the implementation of SDGs; connecting private sector and academia to produce innovative solutions; providing entrepreneurs and local leaders with affordable and convenient space.

For more information about Youth Co:Lab, visit:

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