APEC Minister Delivers Speech to Welcome Blockchain Pasifik 2018

TechinPacific – APEC Minister, Mr. Hon. Justin Tkatchenko delivered a speech to welcome Blockchain Pasifik 2018 at International Convention Center in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea that will take place on 10 – 12 October 2018.

APEC Minister, Mr. Hon. Justin Tkatchenko via

Mr. Tkatchenko said on his speech that Papua New Guinea is the host economy of APEC 2018 with the theme “Harnessing Inclusive Opportunities, Embracing the Digital Future’’. With the theme, the topic mostly talks about Papua New Guinea’s local development challenges and priorities and compare it to global economic conditions.

The theme enables Papua New Guinea to offer APEC with a strategic opportunity to work on growth, inclusivity, and sustainability. Furthermore, it also takes potential opportunities in the digital economy as we live in the era where the Internet and technology take major roles. As a result, we should embrace both technology and the internet and use it to find solutions to local and global economic problems.

“The 21st century presents new challenges and opportunities. The global and regional environment is being transformed by rapidly unfolding fourth Industrial. Revolution through the rapid adoption of new information and communication technologies. The Internet and Digital economy agenda relate very closely to APEC’s trade and investment facilitation initiatives.” Said the APEC Minister.

Technology can contribute to accelerating the growth in productivity, drive innovation, and encourage the economic participation of SMEs and other small groups, as well as empower human resources development in the areas. In addition, it can also contribute to promoting inclusive and sustainable growth and increase market access. Needless to say, the digital economy has impacted on APEC economies generally.

Speaking of the digital economy, the current financial space has introduced and developed bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency technology. They have played major roles in this digital era recently. To support the development of these fintechs, the APEC Minister announced a partnership to hold the Blockchain Show with the theme “Building an Inclusive Ecosystem in the Pacific”.

“…Therefore I trust that this event will showcase to PNG the importance of digitalization/ digital economy in the context of Blockchain technology in this digital age we live. I look forward to the meaning discussions and presentations that will come out from this event to enlighten us about blockchain technologies and development.” Said the APEC Minister delivered his expectation regarding the event.

To close his speech, the APEC Minister conveyed his gratitude to the organizers for facilitating and organizing the event as well as the organizations and business partners for supporting the event.  

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