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The Samoa Information Technology Association has elected a new executive committee for the fiscal year 2022/23

The Samoa Information Technology Association’s (SITA) two-day “Tech Expo” ended November 4, 2022, with the 2022 Annual General Meeting at TATTE Samoa Conference centre.

A new Executive Committee was elected to oversee the organization’s activities for the next year 

Sarai Faleupolu Tevita succeeds Faasootauloa Sam Saili, who will continue to serve on the executive committee.

Malaeulu Jobenz Manoa is still Vice President, and Finau Tanuli Tinai Chan is no longer the Secretary. Instead, Fiapaipai Tanea-Sakuma is the new Secretary.

Former MCIT CEO Fualau Talatalaga Matafeo succeeds Ainuu Wellington Seufale as Treasurer. Members Mailo Henry Mailo and Alex Abraham remain on the Executive Committee.

Mulitalo Bernie Tauaanae and Laauoleola Kaio are the two people who are new to the Executive Committee.

In a press release, SITA’s new President said that “Covid19 Recovery Technology” was a good theme for this year’s Tech Expo because Samoa has been cut off from the rest of the world for over two years because of the global covid pandemic.

Ms Tevita says that SITA knows that ICT has helped the government and people of all ages connect, work together, learn, and work from a distance during the unexpected lockdowns.

This event is a big part of SITA’s mission and goal to “promote research in information processing and computer technology.”

Toelupe Onosemo, the Minister of Communication, Information, and Technology, opened the TECH-EXPO 2022. The Minister thanked and praised SITA for what it had done through ICT to help the community.

Hon. Toelupe thanked the SITA Exec, its members, and the business community for keeping digital platforms growing and improving.

In large numbers, local ICT and international partners from the Pacific region came to the forum. Mr Falelimu Chuck Leota, the Director of ICT for American Samoa and also the CEO of ASTCA, gave a special speech.

The ASTCA CEO talked about how closely Samoa and American Samoa are connected, not just in terms of people and culture but also in the ICT sector, where both countries use each other’s expertise to develop ICT.

Asomualemalama Ari Hazelman’s presentation on behalf of Nuanua O Le Alofa (NOLA) was one of the EXPO’s many highlights.

Mr Hazelman emphasized the importance of technology in the lives of people with disabilities, saying, “Technology is our best friend and enabler.”

Hazelman asked the ICT community to develop websites and apps with Assistive Technology capabilities so that people with impairments could access and use the products created.

Faasootauloa Sam Saili, who led the SITA executive committee from 2021 to 2022 and is still a member, was thanked by the new President and Executive.

Thank you for all of the projects and goals you’ve met on your journey. A job well done and a big step forward to end a tough year.



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