TraSeable Farms is Coming Online Soon

TechInPacific – TraSeable Farms is a Fijian agritech app that was one of the winners of the 2018 AgriHack Lab held in Tonga. The app was designed by TraSeable Solutions, a Fijian tech startup dedicated in agriculture and fishery.

After winning the competition, TraSeable Solutions was able to develop its solution and finally will make the TraSeable Farms app go online soon this year. The app is currently under preparation and will help Pacific Islander farmers to seek out for buyers and logistic providers to deliver their products.

The solution is expected to address several fundamental issues in the Pacific Islands’ agricultural sector, including poor access to internet connectivity, infrastructure limitations, transportations, and access to potential markets. Through the initiative, hopefully farmers—especially in remote areas—are able to improve their livelihood and income.

The TraSeable Farms focuses on three core areas, including: Farmer training, market access and consumer trust, and logistics.These three main areas will help farmers to get access to skills they need, potential markets, and logistics providers that will help to deliver their products to consumers.

The TraSeable Farms is expected to be ready in the second half of 2019 and will be complemented by a locally designed platform. Through the platform, farmer and fishing companies are able to sign up their products and get tracked by the blockchain-enabled platform.

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