Edinfinite Revolutionizes Learning for Students in PNG

An offline Android application has been developed as a valuable student guide tool tailored for students in Papua New Guinea. Throughout one and a half years, Oliver Kinde dedicated his efforts to creating this software specifically designed for grade 11 and 12 students. Its primary goal is to enhance their performance in internal assessments and offer guidance for external assessments like the Grade 12 National Examination. Additionally, the application aids students in making informed choices on school leave forms and assists them in applying for courses at tertiary institutions of their preference.

Oliver Kinde shared his journey, explaining that his background was not in computer science but rather in Agriculture, having graduated from the Papua New Guinea University of Technology. His foray into the world of computer science, programming, and software development began during his employment at Digicel PNG between 2014 and 2016. Inspired by friends working as network engineers, he embarked on night studies at ITI to delve into programming, eventually leading to the creation of the Edinfinite application.

He recognized the need through his younger cousin, who consistently improved his grades but faced multiple rejections from higher education institutions.”I realized there had to be a way to provide comprehensive guidance beginning in grade 10.” “The problem is that students don’t have enough guidance during the internal assessment phases in grades 11 and 12,” Kinde added.

“So, we’ve implemented a guidance system that works similarly to how the Department of Education dispatches guidance officers with informative booklets to assist students in term 3.

“What we’ve devised is a system that begins guiding students right after they are streamed into their respective academic paths. They need to make informed decisions about their future professions, the subjects they should pursue, and which institutions are the best fit for them upon completing grade 12,” he emphasized.

Indefinite features encompass a range of functionalities, including the display of students’ grades and predicted GPAs. At the same time, they are still enrolled, as well as the presentation of final grades and projected GPAs. Additionally, the software offers course-matching capabilities, insights into class cutoff requirements, point differentials, national examination cutoff marks, and related statistics. Moreover, it provides valuable links to authentic websites for all tertiary institutions in Papua New Guinea.

Kinde, the developer, expressed satisfaction with the testing phase, citing positive feedback from students across the country who have utilized the software.

“At present, we have not encountered any errors. Over the past 5-6 months, we conducted trials with teachers and students in various schools across different provinces, including Morobe, Jiwaka, Western Highlands, and Southern Highlands, and concluded the testing in the National Capital District,” he emphasized.The software is presently undergoing a thorough review by the Department of Education and Higher Education.



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