FDB Receives Global Award for EV Charging Station Funding”

Fiji Development Bank has earned international recognition at the 2023 Global Sustainable Finance Awards in Germany for its pivotal role in funding groundbreaking electric vehicle charging stations. The bank has been honoured with the prestigious Certificate of Merit within the category of “Outstanding Sustainable Project Financing for Green Technological Transformation.”

Saud Minam, the CEO of FDB, expressed his heartfelt appreciation for this accolade. He views this award as a powerful motivator, spurring the development bank to pursue excellence in sustainable project financing. Minam emphasized that their unwavering responsibility lies in the continued support of projects that benefit local communities and drive economic growth while safeguarding our precious environment.

Minam, the CEO, has emphasized that the introduction of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations represents a significant milestone for Fiji, heralding a green technological transformation in the country. According to Minam, this ambitious project holds the promise of a positive environmental impact while encouraging a shift towards sustainable transportation solutions.

Minam envisions these charging stations as a pivotal step in reducing Fiji’s carbon emissions and fostering the growth of electric vehicles, positioning the nation at the forefront of this eco-friendly movement.

Furthermore, FDB, under Minam’s leadership, is committed to supporting the adoption of new energy vehicles by offering financing options with interest rates as low as 3.99 per cent, making eco-conscious transportation more accessible to the public.

Meanwhile, Arshad Rab, Chairman of the International Council of Sustainability Standards for Value-Driven Financial Institutions and CEO of the European Organization for Sustainable Development in Germany, has commended FDB’s contribution to the global climate change agenda. He lauds Fiji’s electrification of transportation through renewable energy resources, highlighting that electric vehicles represent the most effective means of decarbonizing transportation and play a crucial role in combating climate change.



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