Censorship Board Examines PNG’s Internet Usage Regulations

The National Censorship Board is executing surveys in West New Britain (WNB) to gauge internet usage.The aim is to shape policies that promote safe internet use, notably by filtering out undesired materials such as explicit photographic content.

In a cordial meeting with the Acting Provincial Administrator Leo Mapmani, the Acting Executive Manager of Strategic Policy and Coordination, Nickson Kaido elucidated the board’s objective. The primary concern is to regulate the content aired in Papua New Guinea, particularly on TV channels, ensuring adherence to set standards.

Jason Martin, the Acting Director of ICT for WNB Provincial Administration, has suggested decentralizing powers to the provinces for more efficient internet usage monitoring.

Martin pointed out the obstacle posed by antiquated laws, referencing the 1989 Censorship Act, which falls short of encompassing emerging technologies. The board is dynamically reviewing the act to fill the voids and fortify regulations, with a spotlight on the internet.

The Censorship team also scrutinizes whether Internet Service Providers (ISPs) effectively manage the content reaching organizations. Martin stressed that ISPs must roll out measures to ensure the content resonates with government stipulations.

He noted that a multitude of ISPs merely function as conduits for data, devoid of active content monitoring, shifting the onus onto organizations to manage this internally. The West New Britain Provincial Government has made substantial investments in hardware and software to uphold content regulations and guarantee the internet is utilized for legitimate objectives.

Furthermore, the government is broadening its support to additional entities like the nursing college, Kimbe Secondary, and the Provincial Health Authority, aiding in securing internet connections. There are agendas to network these institutions by the year’s end, ensuring compliance with content regulations before availing services.

The overarching ambition is to harmonize providing information access with safeguarding against inappropriate content. The National Censorship Board is devoted to devising policies that foster responsible internet usage in Papua New Guinea.



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