Israel-based Startup Opens Its Operation Office in Scottsdale, Phoenix, USA and Currently Has branches in Australia, Chile, and New Caledonia in the South Pacific.

TechInPacific – Airobotics, an Israel-based pilotless drone startup company opened its global headquarter operation in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. The startup company plans on hiring 80 employees for its new office by the end of next year. Currently, it already has approximately 250 employees.

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The CEO and Co-Founder of Airobotis, Ran Krauss stated: “Arizona was the top choice for us as it has a strong mining industry, great weather conditions for drone testing, and potential partners we’re excited to work with.”

Speaking of the selecting of the Valley as the new operation office, it came from positive attitudes from the local government toward the initiative. As what was said by the Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane, the choosing of Scottsdale as the basis operations in the USA was a good decision to be made.

Airobotics was first established in 2014 and according to, it had raised fund $71 million by the time it was founded. Moreover, the pilotless drones produced by Airobotics have been used in the mining industry, including in Arizona and Australia. As for the operation offices, it currently has branches in Australia, Chile, and New Caledonia in the South Pacific.

“The idea for us when we started Airobotics was to pull the pilot out of the loop. It’s the most expensive part of the operations. That’s clear when you’re talking about autonomous cars. But it’s not as obvious when you’re talking about the pilot of a drone,” said Krauss.

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