The Proposed Special Economic Plan in PNG Gets a Refusal from the Locals

TechInPacific – The proposed Special Economic plan in Finschhafen, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea has to face an obstacle coming from the locals. While the bill would be pushing through to the parliament by Finschhafen MP, Hon Renbo Paita, the local have raised a petition to refuse the plan. It was claimed by the locals that the bill did not follow democratic process and more like a one-sided decision made by the government.


The MoU signed by Ledger Atlas and the Government of PNG signed in April 2018. The signing of the MoU leaves a controversy as it was done without any consultation with the locals, landowners, concern government agencies, immigration, etc.

The parties involved in the controversy are Jack Saba, Ledger Atlas, Tim Draper, PM O’Neil, Charles Abel, Sam Basil, and James Marape.

Following the controversy, a proposed law titled “Finschhafen Special Economic Zone Bill 2018” sponsored by the Member for Finschhafen leaked out to the surface. The proposed law was also followed by a petition addressed to the responsible Members of Parliament made by the locals and other concerning parties in order to show their refusal of the bill.

The petition highlighted at least 3 main points, including:

  1. The bill was made without any consultation with the constituents
  2. The bill appears to be unconstitutional which brings concerns to riot
  3. The questions regarding the proposed act of Special Economic Zone

Each of the points divided into several elaborated points. Included in the point 1, there are 5 elaborated points which mostly explain about how the bill was not involving the locals and constituents; point 2 consists of 18 sections which basically concerning about the FSEZ and the MOA; point 3 consists of 12 elaborated points that mostly the questioning about the bill, MOA, and the FSEZ.

The purpose of the petition is demanding for a further explanation surrounding the plan by the responsible government of PNG. Additionally, it is also a sign of refusal where people who wrote the petition are against the proposed law. Furthermore, they expect the government to reassess the plan to prevent possible riot to happen.

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