NEMO Tracking System Unveiled, Promises Cutting-Edge Technology

The National Fisheries Authority (NFA) unveiled the NEMO tracking system, a new Fisheries Small-Scale Vessel Monitoring Platform, at the State Function Room in Parliament. This system is designed to improve the management and surveillance of small-scale fisheries nationwide.

The introduction of the NEMO system represents a significant advancement in the management of Papua New Guinea‘s small-scale sustainable fisheries. It underscores the government’s commitment to sustainable resource management, environmental protection, and the prosperity of coastal communities.

During the system’s inauguration, Prime Minister James Marape highlighted the critical role of sustainable fisheries in coastal communities’ economic growth and welfare.

During the inauguration, Prime Minister James Marape highlighted the critical role of sustainable fisheries in the economic growth and welfare of coastal populations.

He remarked, “The conservation of our marine resources is essential for their continued availability to future generations. The NEMO system is key in overseeing and managing small-scale fisheries. It will encourage ethical fishing practices and protect the livelihoods of our coastal communities.”

The National Fisheries Authority (NFA) and the government are committed to collaboratively ensuring the effective deployment and consistent support of the NEMO system nationwide.

The NEMO system integrates various elements, such as electronic reporting devices, vessel monitoring systems, and data management tools. These technologies will assist small-scale fishers in precisely recording their catches, monitoring fishing operations, and adhering to fishing regulations.

Data gathered using the NEMO system will aid in scientific research, evaluating fisheries, and crafting policies based on solid evidence.

Furthermore, the NEMO system is anticipated to impact coastal areas’ socio-economic growth positively. The government’s promotion of sustainable fishing methods is intended to bolster the sustainability of small-scale fisheries, increase fishing productivity, and open up new economic prospects for local fishermen.



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