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Online abuse enabled by technology

Shamima Ali, in charge of the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre, says that some women have become suicidal because of repeated abuse made possible by technology.

Ms. Ali spoke at the Women Invigorating the Nation (WIN) Convention, which took place over the weekend at the Grand Pacific Hotel.

Ms. Ali said, “It’s good to see what’s out there because we can learn from it, like what we need to aim for.”

It has people who use it, but again, with that place comes violence on the Internet.

“There’s also a lot of abuse that technology makes easier. Many women are upset about this, and some are suicidal because of it, so it’s not all good.”

She said that when entering the digital age, policymakers needed to know where they stood.

“We have some of the highest rates of violence in the world. In 2011, the most recent survey, two out of every three women in this country were abuse victims.

We hope but aren’t very optimistic that the number will decrease because many other things have happened, like COVID, disasters, and climate change.

Ms. Ali said that women should be looked at for their unique differences and not compared to each other.

Ms. Ali stated that women must be viewed in their own distinctive diversity and not in comparison to others..

“Women working together is significant to all of us. If we are all together, we can make and do anything.”

The campaigner for women’s rights said that women should help each other and eliminate the “tall poppy syndrome.”

“Someone looks nice as they sway in the wind, so we try to cut them down to the ground.

When someone is moving in the wind, we pull them up. When someone doesn’t move, we bring her with us.

“When a woman is in trouble, we support each other and stand up for her rights, no matter who she is.”



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