Improvement of Fiji’s Infrastructure Essential, States Dass”

The Fiji Engineers Association, in conjunction with Basic Industries Limited, recently launched a joint workshop to enhance expertise in the fields of concrete science and technology. This initiative is part of an effort to advance Fiji’s infrastructure development.

Ritesh Dass, the Chief Executive of Basic Industries, remarked that his company is at the forefront of leading a new phase in construction that adheres to the latest industry standards and innovations.

Dass highlighted the critical importance of continuous growth and adaptation in concrete science and technology, underlining this collaborative effort’s role in facilitating such development.

We firmly believe in the principle that learning is an ongoing process. As stakeholders, industry partners, and engineers, we recognize the importance of continuously updating our understanding of concrete science and technology. After engaging in discussions with engineers and members in Fiji, we’ve identified the need for this particular session to benefit from the insights of industry experts.

Mr. Dass explains that the workshop is designed as a conduit for cooperative learning and the exchange of innovative ideas aimed at pioneering new approaches in concrete construction within the nation.

He further notes that the interaction with engineers and Fiji members is a strategic move to synchronize efforts and best practices. This approach is crucial in developing a unified perspective on the necessities and effective tactics for advancing the industry.

The Chief Executive remarks that this joint initiative is indicative of progressive development in the construction sector.



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