Vani Nades Among the PNG Rare Birds Global Ambassadors

TechInPacific – The CEO and Founder of Rare Birds, Jo Burston, has chosen three Ambassadors to promote women entrepreneurship and leadership. Among the selected Ambassadors is Vani Nades, the Founder and CEO of Emstret Holdings—an internet service provider focusing on providing better online access for schools and communities in rural area.

Vani Nades

Congratulations to Vani Nades on being announced as one of PNG Rare Birds Global Ambassadors. The Inspiring Rare Birds program is a social impact movement that works to promote opportunities for women in entrepreneurship and leadership. During the Women in Leadership Canberra Fellowship visit earlier this year, Vani and 5 other inspiring PNG women leaders met CEO and Founder of Rare Birds, Jo Burston, and invited her to launch the Rare Bird program in PNG. The #PNGAusPartnership is proud to support women entrepreneurs in PNG.Watch the video to see Vani’s story!

Australian High Commission Papua New Guinea 发布于 2019年8月2日周五

In January 2019, Nades and the other 5 PNG women leaders visited Australia to participate in the Women in Leadership Canberra Fellowship. They were invited to launch of the Rare Bird   program in PNG.

The Rare Bird program is part of collaborative initiative between PNG and Australia to support women entrepreneurship and leadership in the country. 

Nades has devoted herself in the education sector for more than two decades. Not only does she focus on the development of young girls and boys, but also for women and men, maximizing their potentials for the communities. 

Besides education, Nades says that she wants to provide better internet access to the villages and rural communities so that they can access information through internet. Her business started from her concern about how expensive internet access and how disconnected people to information in the rural areas. The challenge inspired her to find a solution for the communities, thus, the business started.

“My hope and vision for PNG for real is to have equal opportunities both city and rural communities,” said Nades. “We believe in impacting life and creating wealth in people so that they can feed their family and pay for their kid’s schools.” 

Coming back from the visit to Australia, Nades feels fully inspired and empowered. She believes that women can do something for their nation if they are given the same opportunities as men do. 

“Being a woman in the business, I see a lot of challenges. I want to do things in action—my action becomes the voice so that men can see us as equal partner for developing our nation.”

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