Digitec Adopt BSP Online Payment Solution

TechInPacific – Another partnership BSP streak is with e-commerce ICT Digitec for online payment solutions. As one of the latest addition to the group of companies that have forged seamless integration into the Bank’s solution, Digitec will provide online payments in running their end-to-end business solutions and services for the ICT infrastructure.

“BSP as an enabler of Digital Payments in PNG and the Pacific, understands the growing needs of organizations and businesses and we are committed to delivering innovative payment solutions for each transition through your journey,” BSP Head of Digital Design, Development and Operations, Belinda Manning said.

Mr. Nirmal Singh, CEO of Digitec said, “Consumerisation is changing the way B2B (Business-to-Business) customers pay for products they want. While adjusting our business to utilize online payments, we become more used to other types of trends coming in the market that will keep our business relevant among our target audience”.

“Both the company and customer get notified immediately with fast payment. There is less of a manual process; cash flow will be consistent when recurring payments are implemented, real-time authorization, faster funding, and sales, Mahesh Anthal, Senior Solutions Manager said.

source: BSP

“Online payments integrated into our website saves considerable time, ensures maximum revenue on recurring payment items like subscriptions, and reduces the risk of human error. Billing a client will not be a hassle anymore”.

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