East New Britain Vendors Struggle With Income During LockDown

Photo by PhotoMIX Company from Pexels

TechInPacific – The lockdown restrictions have affected several market vendors in the East New Britain, Postcourier reports.

The vendors, who made their stream of income from fresh seafood, have to temporarily stop their operations in all the main markets in the province.

However, few satellite markets around Kokopo remain open, and all fresh foods seem to flood the stall due to lack of open markets.

One vendor, Samuel Molot shared that adding to his insignificant income from selling limes, is the inflated price of boat rent, from K10 to K15, which is a ‘huge loss for families and households’.

The Acting East New Britain Provincial Market Authority (ENBPMA) Manager, Darius Kunai said they have asked the COVID-19 provincial control to open the main markets with strict guidelines.

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