Embracing Technology: Paving the Path Forward for Agriculture in PNG”

The Department of Agriculture and Livestock states that mobile technology will directly influence the societal and economic facets, as highlighted during the unveiling of the Government Agriculture Price & Market Information Services (GAPMIS).

Dr Nelson Simbiken, the Secretary, underscored the significant impact of technology on the nation.

It seems like he’s highlighting how using mobile technology can increase agricultural exports by promoting value-added and inclusive participation. This aligns with the government’s goal to boost exports through higher production, as outlined in their development plans.

The use of mobile technology can have a broad impact, benefiting society’s social and economic aspects across various levels due to extensive mobile network coverage. This, in turn, could generate renewed interest in agriculture, potentially leading to improved crop and livestock yields and enhanced agri-enterprises within the value chain

Numerous developing nations, including India, Indonesia, and Kenya, have effectively implemented comparable approaches.

These countries have utilized ICT/Mobile Technology in collaboration with SMEs and the government to drive economic transformation. Simbiken expressed satisfaction that DAL has also achieved this milestone under its leadership by collaborating with local SME partners to develop and implement the GAPMIS concept.



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