Kiap, former PNG High commissioner says that digital technology is important.

Winnie Kiap, a former PNG High Commissioner to the UK and Papua New Guinea’s first public worker, says digital technology is critical to the country and should be required.

She brought this up at the event where Australia and PNG were both hosts.

Kiap said that school gives you many options, but he thinks digital technology is integral to education.

We Papua New Guineans need to get information, come up with new ideas, act in a modern way, whether politically or socially, have a model society, be creative and innovative through digital technology, and so on.

“The picture of the gender gap in technology is not comforting, whether the data comes from the UN, the World Bank, or somewhere else,” Kiap said. “It’s sad that for whatever reason, women have less access to and use of information technology, opportunities for innovation, and digital technology, and even less chance to know what’s going on in the world and how access to and use of the digital ecosystem can make life easier.”



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