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Netball Fiji has launched a website in collaboration with Elevation Technologies

Netball Fiji has launched its official website and entered into a three-year partnership agreement with Elevation Technologies, their online and web developer.

Vivian Koster, CEO of Netball Fiji, emphasized that building a website for their organization is a long-term goal.

Using the website as a necessary tool, according to Koster, will help them distinguish their content from that of social media and give them a chance to share their stories.

They will be able to connect with their players, fans, customers, and other stakeholders more easily thanks to the website, according to her.They will be able to reach a large audience thanks to this, she continues, not just in Fiji but all over the world.

 Sailosi Dokonivalu, director of Elevation Technologies, claims that one of their founding principles is to develop a solution that can aid an organization in achieving its objectives.



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