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The government of Fiji is working with telcos to launch 5G soon.

According to The Fiji Times, Manoa Kamikamica, the nation’s deputy prime minister, has stated that 5G services will be available soon.

I should let you know that 5G is coming to Fiji, he remarked. “We are currently giving licenses to the two players for the testing. We need to follow some regulations, and once we do, we will roll out the 5G network.”

The deputy PM said this at a minister breakfast on Wednesday, April 26. He did not give a specific time range.

The report says that Kamikamica is sure that Fiji can become the center for technology in the area.

Only 5% of Fijians don’t have access to 3G or 4G networks yet, but Kamikamica said that the government plans to connect the rest of the country’s people to the Internet within the next four years.



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